What is your role?

Host Guest

Instructions for Hosts

The host is the person whose phone will be plugged into play music via their spotify account. Hosts must have both the CueBot app and the Spotify app downloaded to their phone, and they must have a Spotify premium account to avoid shuffling.

  1. If you just downloaded CueBot, log in to the app using Spotify

  2. Press "Rather Host an Event"

  3. Fill out the event details

    • Name: a public identifier of what your event is. "Joe's birthday", "Road Trip", "Wine Night", whatever you want!

    • Starter Playlist (optional): Choose one of your Spotify playlists to populate the initial queue. All songs will be added with 0 upvotes, but can be upvoted later by guests.

    • Allow Explicit Songs?:

      If this switch is checked, CueBot will not block explicit songs from being added to the queue.
  4. Press "Start Event"

  5. Share the Event Code, which can be found on the Settings tab, with your guests.

  6. Open the Spotify app. You will see a playlist named "CUE:YourEventName"

  7. Open the playlist, plug in your phone, and play the first track.

You're all set to go! The CueBot app will play the music in the order you and your guests request. Make sure you keep the CueBot app open during your event so the music can stay synced! You can skip a track at any time from within the CueBot app by tapping the >> icon on the Queue tab.

Instructions for Guests

A guest is any person who attends the event and makes/upvotes song requests. All a guest needs is a Spotify account (premium or basic) and the CueBot app. The guest will not need their Spotify app during the event.

  1. If you just downloaded CueBot, log in to the app using Spotify

  2. Type in the 5-digit event code you received from the host

  3. You will automatically be navigated to the event. There are 4 tabs you can access.

    • Settings: Shows the event code and "Leave Event" button

    • Played: Shows tracks that have been previously played at the event

    • Queue: Shows requested songs. Here you can request songs to be played or upvote existing requests.

    • Guests: Shows all of the guests at the event with you, as well as the host

That's all you need to know! Upvote, Request, and Enjoy! You can leave the event at any time via the Settings tab.