Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a host? What is a guest?

    The host is the user who initialized the event and is plugged into the aux. Their Spotify account is where the playback happens.

    A guest is any user who uses an event code to join the event and make and upvote song requests.

  2. How is Cue different than a collaborative playlist?

    With Cue, everyone gets a say in which songs are played when! Songs with more upvotes are moved up in the queue and therefore play sooner. Cue also allows users to see and save tracks that were played at the event they attended, as well as view which guests were in attendance.

  3. Do I need a Spotify account to use Cue?

    Yes, you need to log in using a Spotify account in order to access all the tracks Spotify has to offer.

  4. But do I need a Spotify Premium account to use Cue?

    In order to control playback (without shuffling), the host must have Spotify Premium. However, guests do not need a premium account to use Cue.

  5. Something is frozen/broken/bugging out? What should I do?

    Cue is still in Beta, but if you encounter a bug, it most likely can be fixed by closing out of the app, stopping it from running in the background, and re-opening it. If this does not fix your issue, please submit a bug report. We appreciate your patience as we iron out these last little bugs!

  6. Songs are missing from the ‘played’ page?

    Cue relies on the host’s phone to monitor which tracks are currently playing, so if the host closed out of their app for an extended period of time during the event, it may miss some songs that were played. In order to prevent this, keep the host’s app open at all times.

  7. Why are some tracks from my starter playlist not showing up in the Host’s Choice?

    Cue does not have access to local MP3s and tracks that you have added to Spotify Desktop, so they are not included in the queue.